How can I benefit from Streetbees?

      • You can use Streetbees to share your opinions with the brands you love, influence products developpement, and make a little money. Our community of 2 million bees say they mainly love Streetbees because:
        • Sharing their opinions and showing their habits to brand they love allows them to be part of the production process and shape the way new products are developed - cool right?
        • By participating in our studies, they get to share their thoughts about diverse opinion topics and/or current events, thus making their voices heard by governments and institutions.
        • Best of all: They can make a little money out of it!


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    Baabul I'lmu

    i always recieve unpaid tasks i need paid one

  • Avatar
    Peninah akinyi adundo

    How do i start earning am new here

  • Avatar
    Idris Raji

    I need paid Task. I am tired of wasting my data on unremunerated tasks.

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